Alan Grayson Gets Things Done

Pass Legislation – This year Congressman Grayson has already passed several pieces of legislation, including five amendments in the House in one day. It's nothing new. Slate magazine in 2013 labeled him as "the most effective member of the House," and among his many 2014 successes, Grayson authored nine tax extensions that made it into law.

Marriage Equality – Congressman Grayson asked local State Attorneys to refrain from arresting Clerk of Courts who opted to perform same-sex marriages in Florida. With that threat gone, Grayson worked with Osceola County Commissioners and Clerk of Court Armando Ramirez to perform the first same-sex marriages in Central Florida.

Tax Extensions – Nine tax extensions introduced by Congressman Grayson became law, including deductions for mortgage insurance, state and local sales taxes, tuition and related expenses, and for charitable giving from individual retirement plans. The extensions also included wage credits for employers who hire active duty service members, cost recovery measures for certain lease, restaurant and retail improvements, plus credits for food inventory donations, and energy-efficient credits for existing and new homes.

Journalist Shield Law – Congressman Grayson secured an amendment to a House appropriations bill that protects journalists from divulging their sources.

Demilitarized Police – One year after Congressman Grayson unsuccessfully tried to halt military equipment, such as tanks and bazookas, from being handed over to police departments, President Obama basically put that same Grayson amendment into effect through an executive order.

Defying Citzens United – Rejecting the corrupting influence of big money in elections, Congressman Grayson was the top small-donor fundraiser in the House. PolitiFact verified that 57 percent of his donations were $200 or less, easily the highest percentage in the House.

Senior Tax Assistance – Congressman Grayson increased tax counseling for the elderly by $2.8 million. He did it by working across the aisle, a collaboration the AARP called “a model for the nation.” The $7 million he helped secure for the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program marks its highest funding level ever.

SunRail Funding – Working with fellow Central Florida lawmakers, Congressman Grayson helped secure a $93 million grant from the federal government to expand the passenger train system 17 miles south into Osceola County.

Blocked TSA Privatization – Working with Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-FL), Grayson helped beat back a proposal to privatize federal security officers with the Transportation Security Administration at Orlando International Airport.

Wage Theft Protection – Working closely with Osceola County Commissioners, Congressman Grayson helped enact Florida’s toughest wage-theft ordinance, a measure badly needed in a low-wage tourist corridor.

Firefighter Grants – Congressman Grayson’s office helped Orange County land a $6.5 million fire fighter grant, enough to pay for 45 new first responders. The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response award was partly a result of a new grants coordination system and full-time grant writer.

Boosting Tourism – Congressman Grayson broke through years of procedural logjams to pass the Travel Promotion Act, establishing a fully-funded federal commission that spends $150 million a year promoting our #1 industry, tourism.

Saving Our Schools – Congressman Grayson’s vote helped to deliver more than $200 million in additional federal money to Orange County schools. The money directly prevented six schools from closing.

Audit The Fed - Grayson showed true bipartisanship by championing a 26-year-old bill by Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) to audit the Federal Reserve. Grayson signed up more than 130 Democratic co-sponsors. The Paul-Grayson “Audit The Fed” Amendment became law, and exposed $26 trillion in secret bailouts by the Fed.

Pay For Performance Act - Grayson became the first House freshman in the 111th Congress to pass a substantive bill. His bill prevented Wall Street executives at failed banks from using bailout money for their bonuses. The bill passed in nine days.

Congressionally-Directed Spending – Congressman Grayson increased targeted federal spending here by more than 500% in 2009, a year when we needed it the most. The $12 million created jobs here, and met basic human needs.

Boosting Grant Dollars – Congressman Grayson created a Grant Notification System to help schools, non-profits and others compete for federal grant money. It helped double the amount of competitive grant money coming to the district, from $100 million to $200 million. Unemployment in Orange County dropped below the state average for the first time in years, thanks to this influx of money.

No-Cuts Petition – In 2011, Alan encouraged people to sign his “No Cuts” petition, which expressed opposition to any and all cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He personally delivered more than 100,000 petitions to the White House.

Prosecuting War Profiteers – Since leaving Congress, Grayson has recovered nearly $9 million from companies who try to cheat our troops and rip off the taxpayers. The Corporate Crime Reporter called it one of the top “corporate crime stories of 2011.”