21st Century Campaigning Helps Grayson Toward Victory

October 23, 2012

21st Century campaigning has come to Orlando, and it’s helping Alan Grayson’s Congressional campaign to achieve victory.

Alone among the local candidates, Grayson has saturated Florida Congressional District 9 constituents with informative ads on the internet. The ads have been running for months now. They include both silent “banner” ads and video ads. Heading into the final two weeks of the campaign, constituents have seen far more than a million Grayson online ads already.

These ads, and other campaign activity, have spurred an unusually high level of interest in Grayson campaign websites. An amazing 10,000 local “unique visitors” have visited Grayson’s LongIsWrong.com website. That website enumerates and documents Todd Long’s bizarre and extreme proposals, such as raising the retirement age to 72, and banning the teaching of evolution in the schools. The Grayson campaign’s separate website GraysonForCongress.com also has welcomed 10,000 “unique visitors.”

“We have reached the eyes and ears of FL-9 voters, whatever they may be looking at and listening to,” said Mitch Emerson, the Grayson for Congress Campaign Manager. “On TV and radio, by mail, on the internet, by phone and at their front doors, we have provided objective information to voters about their choice this year.”

In other news, the Grayson campaign learned of two new unpublished polls of the race. One of them has Grayson up by 16 points, and the other has Grayson up by 18 points. These polls confirm that Grayson has extended his lead beyond the 15 points found in a published poll that was “in the field” ten days ago.