Grayson Garners Key Endorsements

October 5, 2012

Former congressman and current Democratic congressional nominee Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) today proudly accepted the endorsements of two of the most influential Puerto Rican politicians in the country.

At a news conference in eastern Orange County, Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR), Puerto Rico’s representative in Congress, announced his unwavering support for Grayson.  “Alan Grayson is a strong supporter of efforts to secure fair treatment for the 3.7 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.  So many people in Florida's 9th District are of Puerto Rican birth or descent, and many have family members and loved ones that still reside on the Island.  Rep. Grayson deserves to be re-elected to Congress and, when he is, I look forward to resuming our work together on behalf of our constituents,” said Pierluisi.

During the 111th Congress, Grayson and RC Pierluisi worked together to champion initiatives that would improve Puerto Rico's treatment under federal health and education programs, that would enable Island residents to determine their political future through a democratic vote, and that would deliver justice to residents of Vieques and Culebra, which were used as military training grounds for many decades.

Closer to home during his first term, Grayson requested, and received, $500,000 in federal funds for Spanish-languages books, magazines and software for Orange County libraries.  It was the first Congressional "earmark" for the Latino community in Orange County history.  In addition, thanks to his efforts, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando received $220,000 to expand small business training and assistance, and create jobs.

Those efforts inspired Puerto Rican Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock to endorse Grayson.  In a taped message, Secretary McClintock said, “Alan Grayson has turned diversity into progress for all, and I’m grateful that he has also been a strong advocate for Puerto Rico.”

Grayson was humbled by the support from RC Pierluisi and Secretary McClintock.  “What it demonstrates is that I delivered tangible benefits to every part of the district; geographically; ethnically; age-wise; every person, every group benefitted in some direct way,” said Grayson.