Grayson hosts rally in support of POTUS Immigration Order in Apopka

March 1, 2015
(APOPKA, FL.) – Hundreds came out to a rally at the New Hope Community Center in Apopka this afternoon, to attend a rally supporting President Barack Obama’s executive order on Immigration.
The rally was hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) with his featured guest Illinois Congressman Luis Guiterrez.
“Luis Guiterrez is the patron saint of the undocumented” Grayson said at the podium.
The President’s Executive Order would protect roughly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. Opponents of the measure have called it Amnesty, that oversteps the powers of the oval office.
About half a dozen protesters gathered across the street but had dispersed by the time Grayson and Gutierrez took to the podium. Members of the Apopka Police Department were on hand to prevent any incidents and to keep traffic moving along Park Ave.
“The whole community has come together, not just the undocumented but the whole community to show our support for immigration reform and justice for people who came to America with love in their hearts seeking a better life” Grayson told reporters before speaking to the crowd.
Grayson is a third-term congressman representing Florida’s 9th District. A proud member of the House Progressive Caucus, Grayson is nationally known as an unrelenting critic of the powerful, and an unwavering advocate for people like you.