Grayson on TPP and Fast Track: “They put us on a fast track to Hell, America is nothing but cheap labor and debt slavery”

April 16, 2015
(Washington D.C.) – Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-09) has taken a lead in opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership and authorizing fast track authority on trade deals, stating in a recent interview that “our so-called free trade policies have been a disaster for the United States.”
“They put us on a fast track to Hell, where America is nothing but cheap labor and debt slavery,” Grayson stated.
Appearing this week on Democracy Now!, Grayson pointed out that in every year since the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed and enacted 20 years ago, America has witnessed a trade deficit of $135 billion or more. Before NAFTA, there was never a trade deficit that large.
“Our last 14 trade deficits have been the 14 largest trade deficits not only in our history, but in the history of the entire world,” Grayson told Amy Goodman, the show’s host.
Since then, the United States has gone from a $2 trillion surplus, to an $11 trillion deficit, and lost five million manufacturing jobs, plus another 15 million related jobs. Meanwhile, foreign interests continue to buy up American assets, from our farms and businesses, to our stocks and bonds, he said.
“So we’ve lost twice,” Grayson stated. “We’ve lost the jobs and we’ve also gone deeper and deeper into debt.”
“If the American people knew what was going on, they’d recognize that it’s a punch to the face of the Middle Class in America,” Grayson concluded.
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