Grayson Supports Halting Deportation of Dream Act-Eligible Immigrants

June 15, 2012

Former congressman and current congressional nominee Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) applauds the President’s announcement today to halt the deportation of certain undocumented young people, and begin offering them work permits.

“We are all the sons and daughters of immigrants. We need to recognize that undocumented young people are human beings. That precept extends to children especially. We need to treat these young people with respect and dignity, and not punish them for the actions of their parents,” said Grayson.

The President’s “prosecutorial discretion” order applies to illegal immigrants who:

  • Came to the United States before their 16th birthday and are under the age of 30;
  • Lived in the country for at least five years;
  • Received an honorable discharge from the Armed Services or Coast Guard, or graduated from high school or obtained a GED; and
  • Have no “significant” criminal record.

"These Dreamers ... pledge allegiance to our flag. They are Americans in their hearts and minds and in every single way but one: on paper," said President Obama after announcing the order.

While in Congress, Grayson voted in favor of the passage of the DREAM Act, which contains many of the same provisions included in the President’s order. He continues the call for comprehensive immigration reform.