Prognosticators: Grayson Will Win

August 25, 2012

Top Independent Race Watchers Predict Grayson Victory

The three most widely-referenced political handicappers all agree that former congressman and current congressional candidate Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) easily will win the election in November. In the past week, all three organizations boosted the “rating” of Grayson’s campaign in the race for Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

The Rothenberg Political Report recently adjusted its ranking to “Democrat Favored,” which is the ranking given to competitive races most likely to go Democratic. The publication acknowledges that the victory of extreme right-winger Todd Long (R-Winter Park) in last week’s primary means that Grayson’s “path back to Congress is clearer.”

The independent website Real Clear Politicsrates the District 9 race “Likely Dem,” which is the most favorable rating a Democratic candidate in a competitive race can get.

Finally, the Cook Political Reportrecently boosted Grayson’s ranking from “Toss-up” to “Likely Democratic,” which is again the highest-rated Democratic designation in a competitive race.

Closer to home, the Orlando Sentinel says that Grayson is “heavily favored to win.

“These race-watchers know what the people of District 9 are learning -- Todd Long is too extreme for Central Florida. He wants to raise the retirement age to at least 70, privatize Social Security, dismantle Medicare, eliminate federal student loans, and drill for oil in Florida, both offshore and onshore,” said Grayson.