Progressive Democrats of America Endorse Grayson

January 28, 2016

Progressive Democrats of America has endorsed Rep. Alan Grayson and pledged to marshal its national membership to put Florida’s Congressman With Guts into the U.S. Senate.

PDA members want a Senator who will not only protect Social Security, but expand it, and one who will fight for “Healthcare Not Warfare.” Grayson will champion these causes in the Senate.

“Rep. Alan Grayson fights for the progressive change we need, on the issues which the PDA has long advocated,” the group said. “We're confident that the hard-hitting honesty he brought to the U.S. House of Representatives will bring some much needed backbone to the U.S. Senate.”

The PDA endorsers noted that Grayson is one of the most “adamant opponents of horrible trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” and has “opposed unnecessary and costly wars,” while being “an outspoken, staunch supporter of health reform that saves money and lives.”

Last month, 90 percent of PDA’s Florida membership voted to endorse Grayson. The national governing board’s unanimous endorsement mobilizes thousands of activists to engage in Grayson’s campaign. And the national group’s backing arrives as yet another Florida poll shows that Grayson’s reputation for getting good, progressive things done for people has kept him firmly ahead of his primary opponents.

“Democrats win statewide races only when they have true support from the grassroots of the party. That’s just who the Progressive Democrats of America are,” Grayson said. “With that national army of progressive warriors standing at my side, I know that we can bring a justice, equality and peace agenda to the U.S. Senate. I'm truly honored to have their endorsement.”