Republicans “Dis” Todd Long; Ryan Doesn’t Want Him To Speak

September 24, 2012

Even for Paul Ryan, Todd Long is Too Extreme

Republican congressional candidate (FL-9) Todd Long’s few supporters must have been elated on Saturday afternoon, when Long announced that he had been invited to speak at Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s event here in Orlando. There was only one problem: it wasn’t true.

Long didn’t speak at the Ryan event. He wasn’t introduced at the Ryan event. In fact, Ryan didn’t even save Long a seat.

The Long campaign’s e-mail blast trumpeted that “Todd Long was selected to speak at the event.” Long also put up this announcement, all caps, on his Facebook page: “BREAKING NEWS: I WILL BE SPEAKING AT THE PAUL RYAN TOWN HALL.” After the event, Long deleted that posting.

“It doesn’t surprise me that other Republicans want nothing to do with an extremist like Todd Long,” said Mitch Emerson, campaign manager for the Grayson for Congress campaign. “Todd Long wants to raise the retirement age to 72, hand our Social Security over to Wall Street speculators, freeze Medicare, and then turn Medicare into ‘VoucherCare.’ Even a right-winger like Ryan can’t stomach that.”

Emerson further noted that the Republican leadership surely does not care for Long’s disloyalty. Long has said that if he is elected to Congress, he will not support John Boehner for Speaker, or Eric Cantor for Majority Leader. (Video here at 22:49, and here at 38:00.) Todd Long may be the only person in America who thinks that Boehner and Cantor are too liberal.