WKMG: Long’s “Very Abusive” Past

September 18, 2012

In Case You Missed It

WKMG Local 6 in Orlando broke the story Monday on Todd Long’s abusive relationship with his then-wife Ninette Long. In 2011, while answering a question under oath during a sworn deposition about her need for an attorney, Long’s then-wife Ninette said (speaking to Todd Long), “I needed to have somebody represent me, because I felt like you were very abusive and manipulative. And I’m not a lawyer, so I needed some help.”

As WKMG reporter/anchor Lisa Bell confirmed during Monday’s 7 p.m. newscast:

“Now we checked Long’s divorce records. His wife filed for divorce in 2011, and did say he was, quote, very abusive and manipulative…”

You can see the report here.

This revelation is one small example of Long’s pattern of disgraceful behavior, which gets revealed in detail on the pages of his divorce case file and other legal records.